Monday, November 26, 2007

An Example of High Quality Bashing

The Christmas season has officially begun and was perfectly demonstrated by this current living room spread.
After surveying the scene and boldly quaffing numerous liquids, we all hopped into a dangerously driven cab bound for Cha Cha Lounge, a place of previous crimes and misdemeanors, where accidents happen and regrets are hard to come by.
Exploring the outer reaches of the Los Feliz area are beneficial to somebody used to the Westside. The lifestyles can be contrasted sharply, but each has benefits as well as drawbacks. Sexiness is never a drawback, the main reason I relent from the sadly common norm of remaining in a bubble, never going anywhere past 2 miles. Bubbles are boring, and so are a lot of people, so I select my company carefully.
As usual, to assist with maintaining Bash balance and order, The Detonator came armed with passionate daring and Willie Nelson.
In true form that's naturally exuded, staying in style and focusing on the fray was the first and only option in play. Aside from prodigious finesse, The Detonator's art often imitates reality. Everything progressed nicely after entering Cha Cha Lounge and the evening never seemed to peak out.
But before that we briefly waited outside the bar, one that was apparently overcrowded and drawing the ire of local fire authorities, yet the line moved quickly after the once stoic doormen noticed attractive ladies in the back of the line. With that factor competing, it’s good to be part of the group. We briefly spoke to Mike Piazza who was loitering in front of us.
Mike concurred that he, as well as the 30 men in front of us, were very lucky. The line moved deceptively fast, and we were in within minutes to begin causing irreparable liver damage with cheers and laughter.
This particular evening also gave me a chance to showcase the medal I won from running in the Disneyland Half Marathon in Anaheim, a feat that many joyously complemented me on.
I was a winner that day! I was also genuinely stoked when handed red cup, a sign that the bar had been tapped on glassware, probably the result of sneaky bastards stealing while influenced by a drunken daze. Too much fun though, the kind that lingers, like the faint scent of sweet Champagne I shared with the lovely ladies before embarking in the crazy cab, it still comes across my senses. Nights like that, in retrospect, can fulfill your most beautiful dreams of magic. I prompty passed out at 5am.
Then you have to go home, or in my case, you go straight from a comfy couch and unparalleled warmth to Mo’s in Playa Del Rey. Nothing beats watching football and having the greatest taco salad in the entire world or the contagiously yummy popcorn shrimp with house sauce. Plus Mo is always there to tell the best jokes.
After a rare Raiders victory and the best fish 'n' chips ever, I happily engaged Peacock at Sports Harbour to continue some incomprehensible debauchery on an already heavenly Sunday.
It didn't take long for my boldily pains to go away.