Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reform Yourself

You can effectively become hostage to a manufactured personality.

For the best you should lay all your honesty to bear, ditch any practical lies to show soul. It's too easy to assume the resolute route will lead to capturing the prized heart.

Worse is when yours is smitten roughly, and concealing the fact feels inconsiderate. I had casual correspondence with Raj Vasher regarding the best music websites, and it somehow led to me confessing real affection after a glorious evening the day before. I was intensely lovelorn, thoughts jumbled sharply, and I professed feelings that had been foreign to me. He has seen it all.

Raj instantly responded with:

“This is maybe the most important email you've sent me in a while. Actually, not the most important... but the most heartfelt. I'm really excited to hear that you like-like a girl. It's been a long time since Brooke and the Unmentionable. And random hook ups were always designed to lead you into the arms of a quality girl. I trust Amaury with my life, so if he says that she's qualified... then she is qualified. And even if this thing doesn't last, it's good to have a steady girl for a while to smash preconceptions about you.”

If you have women all over you, you’re immediately labeled as a womanizer, even if you don’t act on the impulses. If you write a book about “The Art of Bashing,” you’re immediately scrutinized for what the text represents and how it applies to your mentality.

It isn’t too difficult to build a bit of a reputation, be it good or bad, maybe neither. Sometimes you can inadvertently overexpose yourself, becoming effortless prey for hungry wolves. All you can do is prove that the common thought is wrong, that is, if they’re willing to trust you. Overarching confidence can shroud significance.

Through the trials, you end up wanting the best more, as though being a glutton for punishment may change the situation in your favor. It usually doesn’t. Either they want you or not. The Seek always gets hurt by the Sought.

Through initial frustration I pondered viable remedies within reach, the trollops a phone call away that would comply in healing my torn heart. But I couldn’t make any call, they were meaningless, and I knew it would never solve the way I felt.

Should I take Denise out to the Hollywood Bowl for old time’s sake?

Should I bring flowers, maybe a bottle of champagne to Tasha for a straightforward score?

Was another Venice Beach excursion in order to search for the perfect sunglasses?

Sometimes it’s safer to check your true feelings at the door, but I’m sick of doing that. It’s a rarity to feel discarded hastily, but it's a risk worth taking. I’d rather go to Busby’s than feel this way. Reforming yourself is clear when motivated by something greater than you.

Nothing feels absolute, a testament to turbulent confusion coupled with an apprehension reaching dangerous levels barely touched before. I never question myself, but now I have no choice. Feeling trapped is sickening.

The solution lies in being true to oneself, and fear of sacrifice should be taken competently. Sometimes being yourself can backfire, even if they laugh at your dumb jokes.

Maybe you can’t change who you are even if you really try, but knowing the benefits of change and wanting it pave the path smoother.

I finally figured out that I’m misunderstood. Making a person you truly like believe and trust you is a task undertaken with heavy duress attached. You can never blame people for believing the myth.