Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Some might argue that a woman can be impressive enough to drive a man psycho. Regardless, it takes precious time to stalk someone.

Stalkers tiptoe around in the shadows, and like perverted peeping toms, they can sometimes be found hanging from trees armed with binoculars and bad intention.

Stalkers who get caught in the act will cover-up the deranged reason they decided to fall off the subconscious deep-end. When you identify and confront a stalker with facts, positively noting that they are a stalker, this commonly leads to pathological lying. In my unprofessional opinion, stalkers are certifiably insane. The eyes of a crazy person look like this:

The pursuit of a victim can stem from a variety of psychological factors, such as anger, projection of blame, obsession, dependency, denial, and worst of all, jealousy. The stalkee can be put through quite a bit of trauma from the hurtful experience provided by an unbalanced stalker. Worse, they can appear from out of nowhere, jumping onto your back when least expected.

Stalkers want something they cannot have, taking on their pursuit like a hungry wolf hunting prey. Sadly, they are known to take human form.

Precautions can be taken, like having a guard dog in your humble abode to keep intruders from entering and going through your things when away. Dogs scare evil stalkers.

The paparazzi, also known to some as “stalkerazzi,” trail celebrities and are able to invade privacy within the rules of the law. Sometimes the result is the stalkee going bananas, lashing out viciously.

One can’t blame the frustration that comes with being stalked, especially when they just won’t get a hint and go away. According to famed mental health specialist P.E. Mullen, there are five types of these psychological terrorists. The first, the Rejected Stalker, tries to correct or reverse rejection, and they are usually filled with sadness and jealousy. They cling to the belief that their failed relationship can be rekindled. This type of stalker believes that the victim needs to be rescued or punished for flaws in judgment.

The Resentful Stalker tries to scare their victims as a form of revenge and is irrationally paranoid through bitterness. An Incompetent Suitor is a socially inept idiot with a crazed fixation who feels entitled to their victim, one who is often already involved in a relationship with a sane person. The universally feared Predatory Stalker spies in order to prepare and plan an attack on the victim. They are the least common but the creepiest of the bunch.

The hardest ones to shake are the Intimacy Seekers. All they want is a loving relationship with the victim/soul mate, believing they are "meant to be together." They have a desire to help the target, misguided in their belief that the victim loves them too. Negative responses by the victim are perceived as encouragement. Delusional Intimacy Seekers are statistically the most persistent type of stalker. In the grand scheme of stalking, Lucca says her batty stalkers are stealthy and try hard to keep their annoying actions quiet.

Stalkers cannot be trusted and restraining orders should be seriously considered in any case, be it extreme or otherwise.

Sadly, schizophrenics don’t understand the law. Too bad weird freaks often ignore restraining orders, instead looking at them as a challenge in the way of their ultimate goal. Amaury Guerrero was once shocked by the “coincidental” appearance of Lisa Brenner at Q’s.

To add suspicion, she was rolling alone, so he immediately filed a restraining order. The effects of stalking vary, but it’s most certainly a disruptive mental assault, one that causes destruction of trust and emotional insecurity. Severe forms of anxiety are exposed, as well as anger and even embarrassment. Aside from crippling hypervigilance (abnormally increased arousal that scans the environment for threats), good physical health can be deterred through lack of sleep by constantly imagining a perpetrator trying to look through your window.

The stalker will usually wear nondescript clothing and will drive a car other than his own to avoid detection. Perceived anonymity is the stalkers best friend, and the majority of them are male.

Thankfully, I haven’t had any male stalkers, but I’ve recently discovered the travails of having a few female stalkers. I think everyone agrees that stalkers can be classified as pitiful losers. One misconception is that female stalkers aren’t as dangerous as male stalkers. It’s a complete myth, and the psychiatric status doesn’t differ. Thing is, women often target other women. It’s like the female astronaut, Lisa Marie Nowak, who fearlessly stalked cross-country while wearing diapers.

That crazy broad tried to kidnap the girlfriend of an astronaut she was once romantically involved with. She obviously suffers from a personality disorder. Most stalkers have a history of criminal activity and substance abuse, although some utilize stalking as a gateway to greater crimes, many of which are documented on the great Oxygen TV show “Snapped.”

Stalkers are a low form of human being, putting their own interests ahead of anybody else, especially the person being victimized. I once dated a girl who threatened to commit suicide in order to cause an intervention on my part, to force me to have contact with her, give her comfort. She succeeded, and I broke my long-standing silence to tell her, “Go ahead, do it, my life will be easier.”

By never following through with her game, she reinforced her psychosis. Because of a recent stalking problem, I was clearly prompted to change my cell phone number, and thus far, have remained happily stalker free. You can find yourself in danger if they know where you live, so it’s best to keep potential threats at more than arms distance. Problem is, you can know someone for years and never realize they have stalking in their blood. You can’t always confirm the traces of crazy in their eyes.

In conclusion, all stalkers are bonkers, and when it comes down to it, Floyd Sanders will always be bulletproof!