Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Friends Part 1: Bobby and Cliff

Of all Del's Saloon patrons, nobody represents the category of best friends better than Bobby and Cliff. Cliff always knows when I’m causing serious mischief and has no problem showing it.

Whenever Master Cliff and Bobby Farlow attack Del’s Saloon right, throwing back cocktails proper, Lucca gets an added edge of excitement, and she never judges the finest of The Circle without judicious scrutiny.There’s always so much unconditional love floating around when we’re all at Del’s Saloon.Bobby, for example, has a penchant for using his middle finger as an intricate form of communication.

Since best friends usually share the same qualities, Cliff speaks the same language.

And Bobby will give it back. Best friends can touch your warm heart by a simple glance, even with a willing participant like Lucca in the middle. As expected, when he isn’t hanging out with his best friend Cliff, Bobby finds time to bond with great people like Kristin.

With Cliff, he used to tend to be guided into the arms of lovely Jenna Wade, a Beverly Hills magnate with governmental ties to Panama. They haven't seen each other lately at all.

Bobby and Cliff aren’t afraid to take the party train to Del’s for breakfast either, and they never arrive empty handed. Best friends are constantly capable of doing that, and like with Bobby, Cliff has never failed me with wit and concentration. You can’t pick your family, but you can certainly pick your friends, and Tatum is an excellent choice with the sass factor.

It’s great to have best friends, but it’s even greater to be one, a sort of achievement Sebastian Santiago has achieved effortlessly on the fringes of amazing.

Calling someone a best friend carries weight. Being able to trust someone that deeply means you can spill your guts out without worrying of presumptions, a motif thought about and dissected by Cliff in adverse situations of grandeur.A best friend will tell you what you certainly wouldn’t tell yourself. Bobby and Cliff share an unbiased perspective on such matters, like females and finances, a trait invaluable and treasured when used to build each other up. Coming above in major categories is natural and executed telepathically.

You can always be you, and dubious demeanor never takes unexpected shifts in true friendship. For example, Bobby gets called out with regularity for casual hostilities.

When you have best friends like Bobby and Cliff, you feel secure enough to pour your heart out on any pressing matter, or you can embark on outrageous adventures of infamy, like the many I've shared with the legend of Cliff and his muse Lacey.

It's sad, but when your glorious best friend isn’t around you greatly miss them, a void instantly becomes apparent. At their strongest you’re able to laugh heartily and cry, or you Bash righteously!

I could’ve never seen what was important otherwise. Because of them, I found the absolute greatness of my First Lady.

Vote Floyd Sanders for President of the United States of America! Down with the status quo, Floyd '08!