Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lovely Nikki

You are insane
a perfect smile shadows over your dark humour
laughing the loudest only at best of jokes
drunk on the vivacious nature of life
and all around
only falling in bath tubs when curtains are loose
showing ass only feels right when you do it

Clear bottles of joy go with you everywhere
rain or shine
I turn my calendar excited for the next time
but I can’t have you
as much as I want you
it wouldn’t work
even though it’d be fun for a while
yet where we are is fine
the opposite would be painful

You eyes meet mine
pulling me in as they always do
deep in your gaze I must break away
to save face in front of others
like maybe your boyfriend for one
and also my suspicious friends because they know me

Hell with it
why shouldn’t we try to make it work?
Actually, maybe not

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