Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tastes Like Random Thursday Night

Faced with strangeness and boredom, I opted to meet with Skip, a viable selection when met with disillusionment. He was located at a moderate house party in Hancock Park, winning the early lead in random Bashing.
Skip had psychologically taken over about 40% of the party, my rough estimation after soaking in around ten minutes, and the results of his sneak attack were paying dividends.
When he’s on the mark targets stick, walking away is never a preference for them. They stay until he decides to ditch the dust.
I surveyed the scene, met some dudes in the kitchen, no other women in sight. I went outside and was greeted by the proverbial Gallery of Fools.
They follow every movement of Skip, a point in fact realized less than a year ago after equating their cause of presence directly. They enhance Bashes by raising the energy of everyone around with quick wits and banter seen only on TV. I looked around more, there weren’t any more potential leads, so I figured Plan B needed implementation or sleep. Skip had already plundered the scarce resources available, leaving behind scraps and torn limbs.
I fielded calls and chose to hit Cha Cha Lounge late, a place I needed to give a second chance. My bar crew started off with Raj and Vickie.
Vickie was busy handing out Raiders of the Lost Ark cards, being bubbly as ever with sass.
People were kind of testy at the bar, especially those serving beverages slow, seemed to be rubbing off rotten. My favorite moment was the nearby couple engaging in a wicked bout of violence, like escaped beasts on a rampage from the zoo.
Then Lance and Gary parachuted in from a shoot in West Hills. Lance grabbed a Pabst and started pounding.
Gary tried to look tough, but he really is.
The interior scheme is interesting, and we were lucky enough to have one of the few girls out. Lance ended up getting a Raiders of the Lost Ark card from Vickie. I'll have to ask him what he got.
The ones that baffle most are the Short-Timers, the ones you see a few times on the path, who never appear again unless in unwanted fashion. You like the reassurance knowing they’re not around, and then they are. Not sure if Cassy will qualify for the Raj hit 'n run.
She was nice enough, pretty enough, fun enough. Suffice to say, I continue to question Cha Cha Lounge in Silverlake, but grievances can be taken up on another occasion. We then woke up R.J. at Raj’s around 4 in the morning, loudly laughing and being disruptive and drunk, reminiscing of the battle just fought in dire circumstances. Right.
I contemplated 30 minutes of fun driving, but instead crashed out hard. I forgot that Book Cover Creator Vickie was handing out Raiders of the Lost Ark cards at Cha Cha. This is from the back pocket of my jeans.I pray it isn't prophetical in any way. My Friday morning started off with checking out the construction site that The Wolf had a hand in closing.
Venice Beach was a less crowded affair than normal, but freaks still walk around and wow.
Vendors weren’t seeing much action.
No kids crowded up by the turtles for once.
A bong salesman was hanging out having a smoke.
And tourists continued taking photos with marred Van Gogh.


Amanda Lee! said...

It's been so long since I've been on here! This one made me miss Venice beach, even though I've only been there once.... Hope you're well!

jsunnnn said...

Is that Vic Rivera in one of those pictures?