Saturday, May 5, 2007

No Pants Day

National No Pants Day is observed the first Friday of May. Created in South Hadley, MA, it has been a fervently celebrated holiday since 1947, and Mantooth ritualizes the party with merriment and admiration every year, without pants.
It was my third in a row, so I wanted to see what he had in store besides delicious BBQ.
Grill work is Mantooth’s key joy aside from Bashing, and his concoctions after heavy marinating and diligent care are never a letdown.
The recurring pot luck theme that accompanies ensures mass quantities of amazing food. Erika came along to enjoy the spectacle of Mantooth's fine work on the BBQ, and also to wear no pants.
She happily assisted on the Q, and this is what I saw when I couldn't stop eating.
Mantooth's Festivus chili was masterful, so expectations go a little high, but he never disappoints in any arena. He claimed that if we ran out of food, this dog was going on the grill.
Even without the always great food presented for consumption, his personality is what draws you in. At one point, just for fun, he did the Mantooth Jig.
He shows off the moves every now and then, to rouse the goers, build up momentum early for what usually extends well into the night.
Geoffrey was there, a reminder of the form Bashers take while roving this circle zealously.
He never ceases to surprise with his randy humor and chivalrous depravity.
Raj made it out to his third straight No Pants Day as well, this time arriving in style with quality drawers.
It was a nice summery evening in Los Angeles, good enough to help sutain the party atmosphere long into the night. Of the impending arrivals, I wasn’t surprised to see Gunther show off package with his soiled skivvies.
Megadeth guy seemed to be hypnotized by the undies, entranced, unable to look away.
Legends are made at No Pants Day. Geoffrey didn’t suppress his id for long, delving once again upon the sweet joys of hot whisky. Mantooth continued his streak in cooking perfection while nobody was wearing pants. The Fire Department came to check on the party, to make sure the tree outside didn’t light up like last year.
He admired our knickers and refused a Miller High Life. We continued Bashing.
Mantooth’s place also has an interesting restroom facility, as a side note.
After business finished, I noticed that more food was coming off the grill, and I wasn't surprised.
As the night progressed they all undressed. Steven said hello and drank a beer.
That was when Mantooth turned into a wolf hungering for his gallery of whores.
Mantooth doesn’t have to move at all, and he gets love easy.
Some girls give you love because they have to, others give it because of you. When I’m reincarnated, I want to come back as Mantooth.
Some get special love when causing discontentment to those dignified in their No Pants Day endeavors. Going against all the rules, one girl was unlucky enough to come in wearing a skirt.
She got berated badly by the hooch monkeys on the porch, enough to know a switch was needed immediately. Paula was a good sport and Mantooth entrusted her with his lucky pair.
Surely Geoffrey got involved in the verbal mele, spewing hatred with a slurred tongue and bad intention.
Raj Vasher had some bad intentions of his own, which I saw from a distance before leaving.


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