Thursday, June 26, 2008


Being able to trust someone is the foundation of any friendship, but by doing so you risk enabling a means to take advantage. Trust helps separate integrity from depravity.

I guess there’s something to be said for perception and the way it can control our decision making capacity. One could feasibly blame society at large for creating expectations, the kind that make us wander around fearing judgment. Fear is something I embrace.

Trust is very dangerous; it certainly isn’t negotiable. Either it’s there or it's not. For instance, I have the utmost confidence that Michelle or Lucca would never dream of slipping me a harmful roofie.

I'm lucky enough to know that as a fact. Along similar lines, being able to trust the hand operating a camera can also come into play at opportune times.

You can’t help but contemplate who’d have your back if there was an outbreak of deceitfulness. On one absurd adventure with Lance Cannon, he proved his honor for Suzy at the 4th Annual Carhole Bouncy Boxing Bash.

She knew she could trust him. He's a gentleman and a scholar, plus Lance has the ultimate trust in me when it comes to beer pong combat. We’ve only been defeated once, and that particular match ended in bitter controversy. I simply don’t miss when everything is on the line.We’ve both stood with conviction enough times to know right from wrong. Lance usually has his way with women, and the skeptics can’t make a viable argument against it due to his pleasant benevolence. He once said, “There's lots of people that can fool me, but they can only do it once!”

We both marvel at deep bonds from sisterly love, something the Ahmad sisters authentically share. When you see something that pure and incandescent, even when you personally have no frame of sibling reference, you can still appreciate the love you see in others. It's one of the most beautiful things you can see.

Genuine smiles cannot be faked. Within the two of them it’s impossible not to sense the heightened level of faith they have in each other, and that's important in any treasured relationship. For example, whenever I need to talk to someone honest, who isn’t influenced by circles and maintains a logical balance, I readily turn to Holly Paige. We usually meet for cocktails on the Venice boardwalk.She won't pull any punches, and I can tell her my problems, concerns, subversive musings, and Hell, I'll always heave in a casually scathing critique for good measure. But most of all we laugh a lot. The same goes for Cliff and his reliable grip.

I trust Cliff because of the unique way he conducts investigations, a sleuth with a taste for the theatrical. He allows me to get the most out of my venting sessions because of his finely tuned rationalizations. His only limitation has been his ability to get the truth out of Jade.

That still seems dubious at best. Of all things, he was able to tame the unrelenting spirit of Harper O'Hara, achieving a level of trust which goes well beyond standard belief.

Preliminary qualification exercises test the durability of trust. Without trust there cannot be love. Negligence in handling trust tends to be forgiven if interpreted as a failure of competence. Funny how it’s so incredibly hard to find someone you can fully trust, yet effectively losing trust is far too easy an accomplishment. You also can’t trust people that tell you everyone else’s secrets. The eyes of the disingenuous never lie.

There’s people like Rolo, a man I could never sincerely trust. Some people just carry around chips on their shoulder the size of the national debt, and sometimes they happen to play guitar.

He raises obvious suspicions and his recent attempts toward Roxie remain unfulfilled. She'd more likely forget her own name than have him.I’ve exposed my vulnerabilities to her on countless occasions, and I’m able to do it without any panic. She knows she can depend on me for reciprocation, and that's what true friendship is all about. I trust her with all my heart, and strangely enough, Holly is her consummate karaoke partner.

Some people trust everyone until there's a reason not to. I trust a few people, and of course, Peacock is one of them.

We never doubt each other. It feels good to tell someone what’s truly on your mind, and sometimes that comes with a hug. I’ve always had a deep respect for unconditional honesty, the type that’s invaluable and unequal. With The Hat, it might just be because he’s down with Public Enemy.

I haven't told anyone about this one girl I can’t stop thinking about. I wonder if I’d have been better off never meeting her. It isn’t even that I want her; I only want to deserve her. And I sit here, looking at my phone, my email, and I want to call or write, but I’m not sure if I’d be putting on too much pressure. I really like her. It’s difficult when you feel this way, and even though follow-through is often stunted or questionable, I always get a definitive answer. The intuition never fails when trusted.


Oberon said...

......i'd rather be.....king of

Amanda Lee! said...

Awww, I want a boy to want to deserve me the way that you do your girl! I hope it goes well!