Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Best Friends Part 2: Peacock and Roxie

Roxie and Peacock perfectly demonstrate that there isn't a more beautiful thing than seeing true friendship right before your eyes.

Peacock and Roxie have been through the tribulations of life together with the spectacle of high drama, laughter, and many unfortunate spectators like myself. I told them once before that best friends, on their level, are a rarity far from extinct.

As Bobby and Cliff would agree, best friends are never ashamed to mug shamelessly for satisfaction.

Among the travails of daily meanderings, a best friend's shoulder can always be leaned on. You share a bond so close that bliss knows no bounds. Just by knowing them you’re never the same.

You can tell a terrible joke, and for some mysterious reason they’ll go ahead and giggle, in essence, helping you out with fragile self-esteem issues. Becoming a best friend takes time, fostered from occasions deserving of deepest trust, like Bashing gloriously because it's Tuesday.

The minds of best friends are connected by infallible hearts. Mere communication through body language often says more than words could’ve conveyed. You don’t even have to have a conversation to know what each other are thinking.

You can give a heartfelt monologue just by looking into their eyes. The fun never ends. It’s great to conspire in making calls or leaving perverse voice mails for unsuspecting male recipients. They get broadsided; the targets never realize what just punched them in the jaw.

Roxie and Peacock accept each other for what they are, believing that they can be better humans by sticking together. What feels better than hugging your best friend? The hugs are close and you mean it when you smile.

Moments and experiences like that are a tough bargain when sadly considering the countless population of ignorant animals surrounding us. The Detonator says nothing good happens at 3:44 in the morning, like that phone call from your best friend that's either answered or ignored with a smirk. Most of the time you’re together on the road at 3:44 in the morning.

I’ve heard that friendship is heavily attached to the theory of soul mates, because any lack of perfection still keeps them perfect for you. The Hat says it’s hereditary, I say it’s magic.

Above all else, in the grand scheme of things, a best friend keeps you sane in the insane world.