Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Arnie Ultimate Soundboard

(UPDATED 12/12) I recently received a brilliant lost work from years ago, the infamous "Arnie Ultimate Board." It was solely created by the incomparable Avi Eshed, the maestro of scientific machinery, a pioneering inventor that provides mind-boggling solutions. For all you tech heads, I guess the program can be modified.
Sorry if you have a Mac. It is cool. Have fun prank calling people like we have. My boy Avi currently resides in Beverly Hills and has been known to cold lamp with the Flavor in Paris.
The collection of trophies on his mantle are staggering in scope, true masterstrokes in amazing. His genius is well documented, and females often speak of his hidden talents. A tour de force, Avi's rendition of "Arnie Ultimate Board" might go down as greatest creation in Internet history, or close. Like Avi usually does, I prank called all inconsequential numbers from recent Bashing.

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