Monday, January 15, 2007

Fire Spinning Goddess in the LBC

Not often you venture out into the cold world and discover a new foil while Bashing gloriously. Luckily I just did, a sprite that brightens the dreams of all men and women, most assuredly me.
The magnetism was immediate, the type of personality that seamlessly draws you in, probably too nice for her own good. Then, straight out of left field, came the fire.
At first I was shocked, anxious and distressed, a little worried she might burn herself, accidentally toss the staff into the gruesomely drunk crowd, light up the roof and cause a four alarm. Maybe more intoxicating than Captain Morgan . . probably not . . her moves left everyone cheering with awe and admiration, instantly becoming a crowned hero in the process.
Took somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 pictures of her, not including the numerous action photos of quality fire spinning action. She was also excellent at playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey."Ronny beautifully held down the fort, alleviating any tinge of sadness associated with the untimely absence of The Hoff. From the stories I've heard, Ronny is an LBC legend.
Without The Hoff around to dazzle at the turntables, she flexed her impressive DJ skills by throwing on some Duran Duran.Sometimes the path of want and need doesn’t mesh with what’s necessary in the long run. Making an attempt on a girl you find beautiful and mentally stimulating can lead to failure if done without caution. Some are better to keep around for friendship, although temptation has been known to overtake the logical reasoning often associated with a true Basher.
The instant impact of having her would be the elation and celebration of your friends around, knowing that you had her, a conquest for the ages, the crème de la crème plundered. For the troops it adds a glimmer of hope, that they too can win these sort of short-term of battles. Regardless, this girl was a revelation. The moves on the dance floor were convincing, but what closed the deal was her fire dancing skills.
I never become total chain smoker, but this evening was different, and I gladly feasted on her stash. Innuendo brought forth was innocent, for reveling in the watchers around was more valuable than quick maneuvers, plus it was fun talking to her. Not exactly any wide openings to exploit, few options notable without causing a ruckus or unwanted questions. Later, I joined Ronny for a few words; he agreed.

Friend of a friend, I might see her again. I’d love to. As of now, she is the runaway Rookie of the Year.


Israel Robledo said...

Congratulations, excellent blog and excellent pictures…. Pretty Good… greetings from Monterrey, Mexico

Bejoy Thomas said...

Its damn hot, i really love those pics.