Wednesday, January 3, 2007


There’s only one person I despise in the entire world, and this is the demon in human form:
Behind the rare photo are two faces, the first the friendly kind that easily promotes trust, the second being the one that viciously stabs others in the back without thought. Dumb people are a marvel, makes me sometimes believe the world is continuously moving downward in terms of intelligence and logical reasoning. Void smarts in favor of clear ignorance . . . gladly they do.

This tramp, in particular, happens to be the only person I’ve ever met from Canada that maintains a steady agenda of absurd vindictiveness, a pattern that has recently been confirmed by others. I’ve wondered if it stems from being in Los Angeles too long, adapting all around all too easily, brainwashed, and probably burned one too many a time.

There’s no excuse going from friendly companion to enemy overnight. I think that’s stupid, and particularly in this case, floozy is crazy. I’ve seen women go nuts when called crazy, wouldn’t want to be called that either. One person is quoted as saying something along the lines of, “All women are crazy until proved otherwise,” a colossal generalization that sometimes hits the target.

Been able to avoid any confrontations, a miracle considering we share some friends, so it wouldn’t be impossible to see her. Thankfully the care taken is a reflection of my deep-seeded disappointment. If I saw her in public, I probably wouldn’t ignore the heathen; instead I’d make sure to hurl heaps of petty insults in her direction. In her case, and only in her case, the higher ground taken is unflinching verbal assaults of personal nature. Those are carefully pre-packaged and cached until use is necessary, which I hope never happens.

I don't even feel sorry for the scumbag wop she married. To loosely quote Shannon Sharpe, “If I see her in a snow storm, her truck is broke down, mine is going perfectly, would I pick her up? No.”

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