Friday, January 19, 2007

Man's Best Friend

My favorite animal on Earth is Colonel.
He’s a purebred Australian Shepherd, and apart from being the cutest of mangy mongrels, he’s incredibly intelligent and listens to orders barked at him without hesitation. And then he often assumes horizontal characteristics.
Every time I visit Wayne’s place, which is rather often, Colonel leaps around with unrivaled excitement, constantly wanting me to engage in recreational musings. Without asking, he’ll often track me down with a trusty rope clenched tightly in his jaws. Then I’ll try to take it away, struggling to remove it from his mouth. I love him so much.
I’ve often wondered aloud if he could keep going all day considering the recognizably infinite energy that flows within him. The Colonel never seems to tire or find an end, always remaining constantly alert and eagerly wanting to play. I think he’s immune to fatigue.
The Colonel wasn’t neutered, so he loves bitches.
I’ve never seen him become quarrelsome, so I’m not sure if he’s an attack dog per se . . . I think he’d probably lick a dodgy perpetrator to death, although the Aussie breed is well known for their guardian instincts. It’s insane how much love he gets, a lucky pooch to be sure, and the ladies treat him no different than I.
The Colonel also goes crazy for beer, often doubling as Hosehead while party-goers illicitly feed him booze whenever Wayne throws a Bash.
Not sure if it’s widely considered malevolent animal cruelty, but drunk Colonel is kind of funny.
Whenever I crack open a beer he follows me intently, wagging his tail, wanting a sip of my Miller High Life, feverishly begging for some brew. After I deny him the quenching beverage, he’ll lie down and pout, staring at me in a mopey manner.
Some of the time, when I’m engrossed in another activity, he’ll crash at my feet.
Other times he just likes to cuddle.
I’d say the Colonel has a very even disposition, always good natured and happy. Wayne frequently takes him to local dog parks and up to Runyan Canyon for open-area running, but will intensely ignore him when deeply concentrated on an important hand of poker.
I guess his herding instincts are hilarious to watch at dog parks, so I’ll have to check it out in the near future.
For his birthday I promise to cook him a fat steak. I adamantly recommend lovable Aussies to anyone wanting a wonderful, loyal companion that is exceptionally cute and extraordinarily smart.

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Emmie said...

This is a very nice post.... i loved all the photos of Colonel that u have posted here... i adore your friendship with him....well u can drop by My Friendship Blog sometimes and have a glimpse of something u may find interesting...!!!