Friday, November 24, 2006

Belated Introduction to the Circle of Bash

I will be seeing Wayne Maxwell at some point today, day after Thanksgiving it is. I managed to gorge on turkey legs and throw on extra pounds, sounds like a righteous tradition. Overflow of leftovers is cringe worthy.

Wayne’s the undercover driver who cruises town in the blue ’57 Chevy, a master of disguise and actual drinking champion of the crew. He’s currently training to become a sommelier at nights, a hobby which has always interested on the side of his lucrative automotive enterprise.
He also doubles as Josh Lucas.

While we’re briefly on the subject of look-alikes, here’s my well-known associate Hoff. He can also swim. Party at his house tonight in the LBC.

Then The Hat comes into play, an invaluable asset in all situations. His importance in the world as we know it hinges on his moves under veil of secrecy.
Famed womanizer. World domination lingers in the back of his mind more consistently than most, possesses the kind of instincts that come from animalistic evolution over centuries.
Lance simply enters the fray due to the highest of trust factor ratings. Reader of ancient scrolls, DJ, premier poker analyst and dissector of nascent strategies, possibly smartest man on Earth. Sometimes a smoker, as depicted in the photo above while highly inebriated on the job.

Never leave home without Muscle, the best civic shield, and he’s funny when smashed. Known for the timeless catch-phrase . .
“Why don’t you try me, tough guy . . .”

Skip Jurgeonsenn is the fixer of divine ailments and a hot-head. The word fracas has never been the same after roaming the badlands with this clown.

Amazingly, his blatantly original approach and flavor for the fine arts has propelled him into major favor with female species. His value by far surpasses the two most precious of stones.

Raj Chopra, our proclaimed Doctor of the Arts, master of player hating crossed with biting social commentary, is widely celebrated for his unmatched pie making skills.
No joke, Raj makes the best pie I’ve ever eaten, and he’s one of The Bashers.

We also have the spiritual guidance of John Travolta.
Pulp Fiction is the second greatest movie of all-time.

One must also have legitimate legal representation, in case unforseen emergencies arise from the blindside, someone that can barter bonds lower.
Collin is also a bookie/part-time comedian specializing in mother jokes. They are the male backbone to all that encompasses the fragile nature in the Circle of Bash, may God protect us all.

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