Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Land of the Lost

Inspired by events yesterday with fuel:

Slap his ass once
to keep him moving
to keep puke off elbows
she looks onto you shrugged
army of one down to bone
he sweeps those water glasses clean
onto laps sloppily
forget about what happened
let’s hold onto shoes
preferably his
that was the night everything changed

Wasteland of misery beholden to eye
with impact of cards dealt
high noon challenges grounded tough
tremendously crashed
few understand where from
with usual style over substance
strange land we walk through as
a head's chopped onto the concrete
sniped by champions
watching over us all
slap that ass
again and again until collapse

Roll dead weight easy on the skateboard
sober all others from your agony
bust off accurate neglection
the knucklehead stumbles
jumbling tumble in the jungle
the blank facade duly crumbles

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