Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Swallowed By Lack of Control

Going out on a Monday night is wrong in many ways. Going out on a Monday night and drinking is wrong all the time, unless future greatness can be effected positively by instigating gloriously with your unrivaled integrity. Some of the most feared companions on the those journeys are the ones lacking tact, which can be an advantage in making you look better.

I went out yesterday night, and knowingly mass consumption curbed the head pains. The skateboard the night before drew more damage on the dead weight than the carry.

Watching football games at bars is an odd anomaly, considering the far from unusual fact that the best looking girls tend to be serving. All of them at El Guapo happen to be nice, in Los Angeles most are actors eh, the bizarre stuck on tangents uncontrolled by personal mind power with ambition.

Limitations on discipline allow insight on the subjects. Distaste can follow observing public image management gone awry, but the best have obvious talent or energize with great personality. Our woman earned a tip for high quality flirtations.

The game, which never gets paid attention when action surrounds periphery with great detail, wasn’t much of anything. Didn't really like either team, but enjoyed soaking in the social affairs. My friend Mike D. is probably bitter his Giants were ridiculed and plundered.
Sorry Mike, but Eli Manning will never win a Super Bowl, you heard it here first. If I were the owner of the Giants, I’d trade him for anybody any time.

The afternoon was productive, made sure all ends were covered, currently embarking on a mission of important field research to be commented anonymously upon soon. Drinking may be involved after, if not that, lightly philander about, or both.

Why aren’t there many good women around? Always remember to keep Captain cold to achieve edge.

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