Wednesday, November 29, 2006

That's The Derby Eh

Sewer Trout does their own music, play most covers better than the originals, probably why they shoot for obscurities only I would know, the sort of pattern The Decemberists have taken a liking to. The lead Ray loves utilizing harmonica when covering Blues Traveler. I’m glad I avoided interaction with Rollo.

Then there’s bassist I don’t know, a talented musician who keeps all others in line with steady tempos and taunts.
He got really pissed at me the last time we met because I snapped his photo.
This time I didn’t care though, much like I didn’t last time. I’m quicker than him, doubt he’ll use the bass as a weapon, doubt he has the heart.

Good part about a Tuesday show at The Derby are the hot home bodies that never go out on weekends, maybe because they spend it cuddling boyfriends and on Tuesday “Go to sleep early.”

I talked to this girl a while, don’t know her name . .
Don’t know what she has going on, know little to nothing, don’t know what we really talked about. I think I understood a quarter of words from lips, tried reading them unsuccessfully with a lame attempt, nodded a lot, took pulls of Morgan.

Achieved her information upon exit via cell phone, listed her under Hot Babe, cool chick, the kind I could probably add to the team. Exchanged a few CDs, some witty remarks and suggestive glances, and off into the night we went our separate ways.

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