Friday, December 1, 2006

Female First Team All-Bashers

Only two girls make First Team All-Basher, although admittedly quite a few help maintain the Balance of Bash in other important capacities, which will undoubtedly be cited later as appropriate.

The first is Roxie . . .
She is the queen of style, fashion and kitchen works. Always excitable, generally nice to everyone, likes to Bash with the best; an asset and artist. Aside from being the creative neighbor across the street, she is favorable Partner in Crime in all circumstances, too many adventures to recount at once. We hold the kind of mutual trust which can’t be shattered, her intellect elevates my own.

Lara, on the other hand, isn’t one to be fooled with.
Can spot a phony in crowds at a distance, then will tend to proceed in humoring herself simply at a charlatan’s expense. A spectacle to behold, and knowing the intent often forces me to hide my smirk away. She is my hero, I never laugh more.
They always make me look good, no matter where I am. Qualification automatic.

These two have assisted with meltdowns and the purest of fun possible. As a testament to them, I’ve vowed to be unflinching in my belief in self, because I know they have it more than any male friends known. Their parents should be proud at the results.

I saw Roxie tonight, since every Thursday we hit Del’s Saloon to knock back a few and formulate devious plans for world domination. She figured out everything relevant of late in my life, my new approach is unflappable.
Lara is a huge UCLA football fan, so I’ll be seeing her Saturday to witness the battle against USC. Don’t like either teams, wish they could both lose, but by bringing libations and good manners I’ll surely pull through adequately.

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