Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2006 Albums of the Year

The following are my top 22 favorite recordings from 2006, with imports included as well, since sea barriers cannot block great music from finding my sensitive ears. Seek these out if you haven’t already.
1. Muse, Black Holes & Revelations
2. Lily Allen, Alright, Still
3. Clipse, Hell Hath No Fury
4. Goldfrapp, Supernature
5. Cat Power, The Greatest
6. Girl Talk, Night Ripper
7. James Hunter, People Gonna Talk
8. TV on the Radio, Return to Cookie Mountain
9. The Roots, Game Theory
10. The Decemberists, The Crane Wife
11. Zero 7, The Garden
12. The Long Blondes, Someone To Drive You Home
13. Jarvis Cocker, Jarvis
14. Guillemots, Through the Windowpane
15. Joanna Newsom, Ys
16. Scissor Sisters, Ta-Dah
17. Charlotte Gainsbourg, 5:55
18. The Rapture, Pieces of the People We Love
19. Junior Boys, So This Is Goodbye
20. Serena-Maneesh, Serena Maneesh
21. Herbert, Scales
22. Grizzly Bear, Yellow House

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