Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Identity Disclosed

Last night I met up with Hot Babe, who actually goes by the name of Lisa, which I slyly figured out by catching her voice mail recording by luck. She’s a funny one, very distinctive from the girls I’ve grown accustomed to, with quick witted sensibilities and an uncanny slickness in her approach to everyday atmospherics.
She has an effortless sexiness around her that’s guided by a unique power forged from something unrevealed, a mystery, the kind that intrigues me fastidiously, wanting to know more. I bet she does that to all the guys.

In the end I avoided a familiar fallacy that unhappily befalls biological dealings in much of the male species, which was to make a move on her and pray reciprocation came my way. When moves have officially been made on a female in my presence, 100% of the move receivers comply. Any doubt, any question of denial within my heart, results in direct avoidance of serious discomfiture. I don’t need that type of distress in head.

I had a boss once, nice woman, liked her a lot, humorous and hard working, the type that gains the utmost respect of all co-workers. She made a move on me once, probably best classified as textbook sexual harassment, and as she approached my lips for the splendor of a goodnight kiss, maybe leading to something more productive, I pulled off the slight turn to cheek, which is where her wayward lips ended up planting.

I’ve never had that rejection, and I’m quite positive the feeling my actions left behind were that of embarrassment. In a way I pitied her, partially because she might’ve misconstrued the signals I was giving, but mostly because I gave her the Heisman pretty bad. Our professional lives didn’t suffer since I wouldn’t let it, plus after a while it seemed humorous. I haven’t been on that side yet, and I’d like to keep it that way.

But I had a great time with Lisa at the Chimneysweep, and her gay friend Tony was really nice, far from a threat which was what I initially feared.
I see many more great times ahead for us, incorporating her into the circle will be done without any snags. I love hitting it off with cool chicks, and admittedly, I try to hang out with women far more than men.

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