Friday, December 29, 2006

Questioning Probabilities and Such

Roxie was departing on a 10 day Costa Rica trip last night with her fun cousin Marcus, so I entered the fray to forcefully load them up before dumping their bodies and suitcases at LAX.
Her dazzling spark will be sincerely missed over this weekend, with mystifying eventfulness growing with each fleeting moment. As we were having several cocktails at Q’s, I was approached by random dude who I apparently befriended one Sunday while watching football at Del’s. To confirm this deceptively baffling fact, I was able to unearth a photo of him from that day.
He cheerfully boasted of a Bash on Saturday that’s nearby, with two DJs and tons of booze and food, an offer which would leave me duly dishonored in not accepting. His friend, who’s throwing the impressive sounding party, told him not to invite men so that numbers wouldn’t skew towards sausage, but he thought I’d bring something to table. Guess he enjoyed my company over that obscure afternoon drinking.

Figure it’ll be a nice follow-up to Hillary’s Venice Bash, since my thirst for double features is ravenous to an extent.

I’ve managed to shun The Detonator until today. We’re going to the movies this afternoon to see “Children of Men,” along with a handle of Captain Morgan to remain attentive in case the film drags. After the fresh spirits enter our system, goal will be to demolish ourselves somewhere in the Hollywood region, although not too much so as to promote prime bodily fitness for the impending New Year celebration.

Call downs for New Year's possibilities were somewhat successful, with three Bashes that seemingly feel like worthy choices, the fourth juicy option being an uncompromising road trip to Solana Beach, with Selena, Lylee and friends always providing hospitable accommodations and heavy amounts of merciless Bashing.
Another reason to go has to do with the amount of hate mail received over the past few months, questioning my friendship, questioning my heart, questioning my spotless credentials as a full fledged Basher.
Just reviewing the photos from SelenaPalooza have made a significant impact, but yearly tradition is to make an impulsive decision at the last minute in order to avoid high expectations which will never be met.

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