Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lactose Tolerance

The Hat and I attacked a civilized gathering at my buddy Kristopher’s house, an incredible and dependable performer when it comes to throwing entertaining Bashes. The Hat made himself at home immediately.
Somewhat safe to say you can never have enough of the ice luge, as demonstrated beautifully by The Hat.
Two parties with it in a week is more than enough to worry even the finest of Bashers. With coincidences of that magnitude, it isn’t a fear, it’s a thrill. My one turn at the luge consisted of an inordinate amount of Jager, since I’m one of the few who can gulp it down like mother’s milk.

The Hat was inspired with a newly charged vigor, the likes of which haven’t been documented even after our varied adventures on the lam. He embraced the surroundings, and his comfort level grew vociferously upon discovering the lactose free egg nog.
His lactose intolerance runs strong, goes through him faster than greased lightning, and the abundance of this miraculous mixture on hand raised his excitement to dramatic proportions.
More couldn’t be pounded or tolerated, The Hat on a rampage is always fun to watch, never a dull moment in his company.
My high spirits brightly returned when Ashley told me, “I really like you, you’re cool.” That was followed by promises of Disneyland, since she misses it so, her childhood memories of riding Alice in Wonderland have persistently occupied her thoughts and dreams of late.
Apparently my depraved charms still permeate, her enthusiasm was greeted with genuine fervor I’ve harbored for the happiest place on Earth. I thought she might’ve been with this other dude, the one hanging all over her earlier, but her amorous attention towards me said something else altogether.

As a side note, taking incriminating photos is never appropriate, and I’m bothered when unable to take snaps of a good lead due to poor timing or awkwardness. I rather enjoy sifting through possible lovers beforehand, since being thoroughly wasted on substances may alter judgment on occasion; she might’ve looked better while loaded up.
I didn’t thrash myself too badly, knowing that the bulk of damage would be done tonight with two qualified Bashes. For the first I’ll adorn my prized bullet-proof vest as I enter Mantooth’s Rampart, and then, with the speed of a fox on fire, Echo Park will top off the Saturday in style with Lance reigning supreme at the helm.

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