Thursday, December 7, 2006

Hair & Losses

Roxie worked mystical wonders with my unruly hair, so she has officially attained the most desirable responsibility of being my personal hair stylist.
Apparently being a distinguished professional coiffeuse has its drawbacks. The main concern is the fact autopsies have shown that massive amounts of customer hair collect in stylists lungs over the years, something I never fathomed, a practical detail that I’ve always neglected.After her masterful work on the dome, we cooked the most incredible garlic artichoke heart chicken with sides of creamed spinach, garlic cayenne potato hash and vegetable stir fry. The chicken was one of the greatest kitchen creations in some time, outlandish in a way, but so yummy that tummy stuffing was the only alternative to smelling the tantalizing aroma.

Entering poker night with new hair plus a gut full of beer and garlic is highly recommended. I felt like a drunk version of Paul Newman in The Sting, stumbling into a train suite wasted off vodka, making a mockery of the whole thing to eliminate the guard of opponents. I acted up a bit.
Poker Guy didn’t fare all that well, his demise undocumented by being at the other table. He shrugged off the early exit unashamed, surely because of the many victory trophies placed on his mantle. I was kind of sad, being unable to experience first-hand the hi-jinx of the extraordinary Poker Guy.

Catrina intrigued my interests once again, making me wonder if these fantastical thoughts of grandeur erupt from some inherent, irrational emotional wanting without any sort of real grounding. Is it her ploy to toy with my emotions so? I'm enthralled. She held her cards close to vest and played smart, finished ahead of me in second place, took down $100 compared to my $40.

That chump she was with last time didn’t play, didn’t even bother asking the whereabouts. Rollo was around though, his smirk burying its way under my skin, like hearing metal claws screeching on a chalk board. He went out early, around the time I helped expedite Lance's untimely exit.
I had quite a bit of chips at one point, sloppily put together and unorganized, partially due to moderately hindered motor skills and quick movement of the game. Catrina took me out with her rivered flush over my turn straight, very fitting. I'd be pissed if I had lost to that scum R.J.

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