Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Return of The Detonator

One associate I regretably neglected to mention was The Detonator. Unfair warning erupted on my cell phone hours ago, that The Detonator was briefly returning from Philly, that he’s ready to Bash.
He came into the struggle many years ago, a fledgling journalist inspired by mayhem and any female interviewee. From there Iceland for a year, then most of Europe and the world on tour with some game show I’ve never seen. His Bam highlight reel of love astounds.

Doesn’t come around often, probably for the best, for in his wake he’s capable of leaving irreparable damage, with hearts broken and shattered. The Detonator’s pulled more chicks than that Sultan of Brunei freak, willingly in his case. Some have been prizes admired.
A worldly traveler who happens to put many Bashers to shame by diligently Bashing more, he’s known for many infamous “Hit & Run” scandals that never strike headlines, while he smoothly mixes up rooms with the heaviness of inspired mire. All seem to look up to his cerebral bravura, and his overstuffed contact list proves it. He’s a Bruin, so when I received his celebratory text message on Saturday all the girls cheered fiercely.

First obvious stop tonight will be The Coronet, since scores of quality conversations and pulls have led to new and improved implementation of Bashing protocols. Some Bashers attain balance by mere luck. He is one of those, wise in ways coveted.
So back from Philly with a vengeance, his methods learned there not all agreed upon to be urbane by local standards. Domination isn’t his issue, it’s control, which is where I can contribute significantly.

Regardless, I’m in possession of photos which may derail his eventual run for public office, his preference being Mayor, yet it’s in the interest of all humanity that, even though I like him quite a bit, his opponent gets all the votes. That’s like ten years from now, and I do have a price.
As he once so eloquently said, “There’s Hell, and then there is Los Angeles.”

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