Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Festivus for the Rest of Us

Rough Saturday starting with Festivus, which took place at Master Mantooth’s abode off Rampart, an apparent wink to an episode of Seinfeld, with the tagline being “a Festivus for the rest of us.”’
The first highlight was the Mantooth vat of chili, which delayed my departure an hour because the scent slapped my senses silly. His cooking never disappoints. With three different kinds of meat, it eclipsed all the homemade chili I’ve ever tried in my lifetime.
The second highlight was my impromptu sales pitch for Arbonne, a trustworthy company my good friend Julie works for. They sell high quality health and beauty products which I favorably endorse due to visible effectiveness and noticeable results. Makes me feel better all-around, guess I did well in giving my glowing testimonial on the fly. I know Nannette will be stoked, and I scored points with Julie.

I sadly ended up missing the “Airing of Grievances” and the “Feats of Strength” to hit up Lance’s shindig down the street. I would’ve loved to have seen Mantooth pinned down by a very drunk Geoffrey:
I was filled with fear of sausage when I arrived late at Lance’s, mostly because of all the male bodies scattered outside smoking cigarettes and boozing it up with tall talk. I was pleasantly surprised upon entry, with sexy girls everywhere and my game in top form.
Skip scored a prime dinner jacket for the night, the finest worn I’d ever seen. His charm factor climbed ten points with it alone, and he glossed his way to numerous hugs and qualified leads rapidly. Skip isn’t afraid of looking too presumptuous in attempting to close leads.
Lance’s DJ skills pushed the boundaries of greatness once again, without fail, without doubt ever entering my mind or anyone else’s. He also found much time to publicize his at ease lady-killer persona with flair and self-assurance.
Lance engaged in predictable behavioral patterns. In regards to the music, a girl named Hermay (sp?) was really into it, tried to lure me into dancing, but my level of drunkenness thwarted cognitive flow. I wasn’t incoherent, just couldn’t understand certain subtle signals usually grasped. Definitely dumber than normal.

She was one of the best, a friend of Ginger, the second Ginger I’d ever met in my entire life. I met the other Ginger earlier at Festivus. They hastily left after a brief conversation when my eventual distraction set in.

Everytime I surveyed the room, Skip was talking to a different girl. His focus was all-encompassing in structure, a bit of a diversion from the pointed and steady target method.
Of course, the sudden appearance of Rollo set me aflame, my defense shields were quickly activated.
Amazingly, Rollo sort of grew on me after further thought of the night’s events, not because of the attractive women who follow his every move, but the sheer tenacity of his approach is admirable. Not sure if his scoring consistency rivals my own, although learning some of my methods would probably be beneficial in the long term.

I actually tried to leave at 4AM, but that mission was aborted when my vision began to dangerously deceive me, figured crashing in the car instead of crashing the car was the best bet to take.

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